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Online Mastering for your tracks

What is mastering?

Mastering is the last step to get the maximum potential out of the audio material.

Our studio was professionally planned and offers a perfect listening environment with the KS Digital Linemaster.

Depending on the project, the audio material is processed with the best analog and digital technology.

Soundation Studio offers many years of experience in the field of mastering and is therefore the ideal Partner for your projects.

You can easily use our online mastering service. This saves time and money. The exact data delivery and further information can be found in the following points.

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Data delivery for online mastering

Audio format | Sample rate | Bit depth

WAV or AIFF; 24 or 32 Bit Floating Point.
Please export your files in the samplerate from your DAW-session.
Example: Your session runs on 44.1 kHz, export your files in 44.1kHz.


The loudest part in your song should not exceed -3dBFS. In no case above -0,1 dBFS.

Pre- and postroll

Make sure that your mixes have a pre and postroll of about 2-3 seconds.


Please name your files like this:

Special features for exporting stems (stem mastering)

⇒ Deactivate masterbus effects
⇒ All stems should have the same starting point
⇒ All stems together should result in the mix
⇒ Name the stems as follows: track number track name stem

Please also send us a stereo-mix, so we can check if everything is included. To check your stems, create a new DAW-session and insert all your stems and compare it with your stereo-mix.


Here you can download the requirements for data delivery for online mastering as a PDF file:

PDF online mastering data delivery download (881KB)

Full mastering power for a perfect sound

KS Digital LineMaster phase-linear mastering monitors

KS Digital LineMaster

Phase-linear monitoring designed for the high level requirements of mastering studios.

VOVOX Purum certificate posted at Soundation Studio

VOVOX purum certificate

VOVOX purum certified means almost lossless audio cabling and a pure sound as it comes out of the instrument.

Soundation Studio Mastering Equipment Elysia Aplha Compressor

Elysia Alpha Compressor

Handmade Elysia Alpha Compressor especially for Soundation Studio Mastering.

Elysia MUSEQ at Soundation Studio

Elysia MUSEQ

EQ with an exceptionally natural and three-dimensional sound.

Maselec Compressor / Expander overview for mastering

Maselec MLA4

Maselec MLA4 multiband compressor offers extensive controls for a very wide range of sounds.

Vovox cable for a clear sound image in the Mastering Studio

VOVOX Sonorus direct

VOVOX Sonorus direct is part of the whole mastering line at Soundation Studio Mastering.