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Thomas Feilner, mastering engineer

Everything started in 2006 with the desire to record my own music. What started out as a hobby first got bigger and bigger. The interest in professional productions and high-end equipment increased over the years, and after a while a nice collection of high-quality analog devices was collected.
As a mastering engineer, I live for great music productions and love to get the most out of every track.


Studio equipment, made for excellent productions



IMac 27“ i7 Quad

Cubase Pro 10.5
Wavelab 10


UAD 2 Plugin Collection
Fab Filter
Flux Audio
IK Multimedia
Celemony Melodyne
Waves Plugin Collection
DMG Audio
Leapwing Audio

... and much more...


Elysia Alpha Compressor
Elysia MUSEQ
SPL PQ Mastering EQ
SPL Iron
Dangerous Music BAX EQ
Maselec MLA4
Drawmer S3 (Röhren-Multiband-Kompressor)
Chandler EMI 12345 Curve Bender
Rupert Neve Masterbussprocessor
Elysia Xpressor
Dangerous Music Liaison
VOVOX Sonorus Direct


Dynacord REX Vintage 1963
Kemper Profiling Amp
Laney RB6


Parker Fly Classic
ESP LTD F400fm
Ibanez RG LTD 08


KSdigital Linemaster
Audeze LCDMX4


Lehle P-Split


Rupert Neve Satellite 5059


Professional Design by Musikhaus Thomann


2x Universal Audio Apollo Quad
1x Crane Song HEDD Quantum


Universal Audio LA610 MKII
Universal Audio 4-710
SPL Goldmike


2x Chandler Limited Germanium
Palmer Reamping Box


Manley: Ref C
Neumann: TLM67, TLM102, KM184 Stereo Pair
Audix: D6, D4, 2x D2, i-5, ADX-51 Stereo Pair
Shure: SM57, SM58, SM7B
Telefunken: M82, MD21 (Vintage)
Oktava: MK 012 MSP6 Stereo Pair
Rode: NT1A, NT5 Stereo Pair
Heil Sound: PR30
T-Bone: RB500 mod
AKG: C1000s

News from Soundation Studio Mastering

Elysia Alpha Compressor

The VALPHA COMPRESSOR, which is completely wired internally with VOVOX cables, offers fantastic control performance and unbelievably flexible application possibilities in all situations.

VOVOX purum certificate

The perfect sound: The purum quality label proves the highest quality standards in audio transmission.

UnderToneAudio Unfairchild 670

A real classic in the studio: The Fairchild 670 is probably the most legendary compressor of all time.

Visit by Christian Martius (DSDS)

Our friend Christian Martius, who is currently on DSDS 2018, paid us a visit today and we mastered a song for him.