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The VALPHA COMPRESSOR, which is completely wired internally with VOVOX cables, offers fantastic control performance and unbelievably flexible application possibilities in all situations.

At Soundation Studio, it is used for the final touches of the master. For this task the Onboard MS Matrix in combination with the Niveau Filters is a big help.

The Alpha is primarily characterized by a very transparent sound, which can be used profitably in many situations. If some color is still needed, a transformer can be switched internally into the signal path, which rounds off transients a bit and thickens the sound generally without washing it out.

Here is an excerpt from the manufacturer's description:

100% discrete Class-A technology
The alpha compressor consistently implements the art of discrete signal processing. ICs have to stay outside without any ifs or buts.

Integrated M/S matrixAs an alternative to normal stereo operation, center and side signals can also be processed: completely new processing options open up!

Feed Forward & Feedback
The type of compression can be freely selected for each channel, so that two compressor types are available in one at the touch of a button.

Auto Fast
A switchable semi-automatic, which ensures a perfect attack and release at all times, even with complex material, based on the set values.

The Niveau Filter specializes in effectively shaping the tonal characteristics of the material in just a few steps

Frequency selective compression is built directly into the alpha compressor. Cumbersome routings are eliminated in favor of an effective workflow.

Parallel Compression
Also available directly on the device: With the mix control, direct and compressed signals can be combined in the desired ratio.

For each channel (left & right or middle & side) the direct and the processed signal can be monitored individually or together at the push of a button.

Soft Clip-Limiter
Limits short and loud transients and rounds off signal peaks, protecting downstream AD converters from overloads.

Switchable transformers
Transfomer sound: yes or no? Both! With the alpha compressor, this option is switchable, so that the decision for each track remains individual.

Analog-dynamic LED display
The LEDs are modulated in brightness, so that the behaviour of the compressor is displayed analogously: very fast and with smooth transitions.

Passive Current Attenuator
The gain reduction circuit developed especially for the alpha enables extremely fast control times, an enormous frequency response and an outstanding sound experience.

T16 Heater
Sensitive parts of the discrete circuit are kept at a constant temperature by this system and thus protected against fluctuations.

Grid and matched potentiometers
All potentiometers have 23 raster steps and are matched to stereo pairs with a specially written software routine.

VOVOX sound conductor
No compromises were allowed with the internal audio cabling either. Thanks to VOVOX Solidcore, the sound remains fresh, dynamic and powerful.