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Purum quality label for the highest quality standards

The purum quality label testifies to the highest quality standards in audio transmission.

With the Soundation Studio Thomas Feilner has fulfilled a dream. The passionate audio engineer has been running his own studio north of Bayreuth since 2012 and has since been responsible for the recording, mixing and mastering of numerous bands and artists - including the rock/pop band ANGIZ, which already caused a storm of enthusiasm among the jury members Sido and Jennifer Rostock in the current X-Factor season on Sky. With his latest project, Feilner has dedicated himself entirely to perfect sound: the mastering line in the Soundation Studio has recently been completely wired with sound conductors from VOVOX and now receives the coveted purum quality label from the Swiss cable manufacturer.

Persuasion in the blind test

"I've always been a VOVOX fan and have been playing the cables myself on my instruments for several years," says Feilner, explaining his affinity. "In the studio context, however, I wanted to see for myself first. That's why I contacted thomann Audio Professionell, with whom I've been working for a long time, and we organized a blind test." The result was clear for the experienced audio engineer: "The VOVOX cables were clearly audible. The signals had noticeably more brilliance and depth".

Together with the installation experts from thomann Audio Professionell, Feilner planned the cabling of the new mastering chain with the symmetrical sonorus direct S 100: "The new cabling starts with the converter, goes through the patchbay, through all outboard devices and finally ends up back in the converter. The impressions from the blind test were also confirmed in the final installation: "Everything seems a bit more transparent and tighter, especially in the important low mids as well as in the bass range".

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"Thomas and I have known each other for about ten years. During this time we have supported him all the way - from the beginning to a mastering studio that doesn't have to shy away from comparison with the top addresses," adds Marco Kuhnmünch, Pro Audio Sales Manager at thomann Audio Professionell. "The technical equipment is at the highest level. I also planned the studio acoustics to fully meet Thomas' demands for transparent monitoring. For this reason, the current step was only logical: The most ideal possible connection of all components with each other. I am very pleased that Thomas has carried out this step so consistently and that the Soundation Studio is now equipped at the highest level".


VOVOX purum

VOVOX purum is an in-house quality label that certifies that the transmission of audio signals meets the highest quality standards. The Swiss manufacturer awards the purum label wherever VOVOX sound conductors are used.

An overview of VOVOX users can be found on the official VOVOX website.

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